we're The new kIds
on the blOck

And it's a damn good thing too.

We're a squad of filmmakers, marketers, designers and creatives dedicated to making the world a better place.

So, we cut out the boring templates and the out of touch ads to focus on inclusive, exciting and impactful marketing campaigns with video at the heart.


GOOd Fact #1

According to Forbes, after learning a brand supports a social cause or is socially responsible, Gen-Z consumers are 84% more likely to buy their products.

That's why we believe Purpose and Profit go hand in hand.


Amber Lee
Founder & CEO

Aka: The Producer

If you could rewind time fifteen years, you'd find me with an old camcorder making parody videos in my cousin's front yard. The crew and equipment may have changed, but the joy of creating hasn't faded a bit. From working together to get the copy just right, to late nights rallying cast and crew to early mornings grabbing the ideal shot, I've learned the joy of a powerful story and a good cup of strong tea.


Alvin Adadevoh
Founder & COO

Aka: The Director

I always hated school, but I loved stories. From the t.v. screen or from those around me, I would seek out stories, listening and savoring, remembering every detail. It's only natural that I became a storyteller myself. When I'm crafting the perfect images to shape a narrative, bringing together a talented team, or coordinating the lights, camera, and action to find that one flawless frame, I know I'm doing what I love.

GOOd Fact #2

And they ain't wrong. That's why we choose who we work with very carefully, to ensure you're doing good.

What's GOOd?


GOOd for
the planet

We've only got one, and we want to take care of it. That's why we reach out to sustainable companies and companies focused on helping the environment.

GOOd for
the people

Social good and activism drive the world forward. We love companies making strides to make the world better for people by alleviating hunger, poverty, discrimination, and all the social plagues of the world.

GOOd for
the living

Animals have feelings too, and we love the companies that work to end cruelty towards our four and more legged friends. Vegans, caretakers, startups for the furry. You are welcome.

GOOd for
the body

A healthy society starts with healthy people. Whether it's a focus on mental or physical health, we reach out to companies focused on healing and mending the bodies we love. 



So we use our good sense to make the better bet.

We focus on companies with one or more founders of color and/or at least 35% people of color on the executive team.

Why? Simple. We want to make an impact with companies that put their mission first. And if your company is not inclusive, our missions do not align.

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