Backstage CapItal

We worked with Backstage Capital on their mission to highlight the underestimated founders (people of color, lgbtqia+, and women) they've helped to jumpstart. In a series of short documentaries, we dove into what made the companies great, and how Backstage was pivotal to their success. Now future investors can see exactly why they should invest in Backstage and the underestimated.


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our WOrk

Here's a few of our favorite recent projects. From commercials and interviews to animated series, our through line is our passion for purpose.



Adele JacksOn GIbsOn

This was a short film we made for Fitness Model and Trainer Adele Jackson Gibson. Our mission was to highlight her strength and willpower with a hard hitting message on the power of determination.

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ARlan HamIltOn

We're working with Arlan Hamilton to bring her inspirational podcast "Your First Million" to life with an animated series called Backstories. Our mission is to highlight the best stories from the podcast and help more people of color, women and lgtbqia+ learn how to build wealth.


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